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Application Suggestions for Authentic Pine Tar

Hands down the best natural exterior wood preservative out there.

Authentic Pine Tar is a 100% natural wood preservative that provides superior moisture and UV protection, is a mild antiseptic, and repels insects such as wood bees, ants, termites, etc.


Approximate coverage is 500-600 sq ft per gallon 50/50 mixture of Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil and Pine Tar. Pine Tar must be thinned and is not used undiluted.

Final coverage will depend on the dryness of the substrate.

Must be applied to a clean, bare wood surface.

Exterior projects only.


Application instructions appropriate for Dark, Light, Black, Black-Brown, Brown, Red, and Kiln Burnt Pine Tar:

-       Ensure wood surface is clean and dry before application. Pine Tar is only appropriate for bare wood surfaces or over a previously applied Pine Tar finish.

If a previous barrier-forming coating exists, it must be scrubbed off using a petrochemical free liquid soap/cleaner or fully removed, preferably with an infrared tool.

Do not use chemical strippers on a porous wood surface. Avoid power washing.


-       For rough-cut, kiln-dried, or other very dry timber apply an initial “primer” coat of Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil for additional moisture protection and to extend Pine Tar coverage. (optional)


-       Mix Authentic Pine Tar with Viking Purified Linseed Oil. No additional solvents needed! 50/50 mixture is suggested but ratio can be adapted based on personal preference. Recommended to do a test first to determine color preference i.e. lighter or darker finish.


-       Apply one coat to maintain a matte finish. With this method, a higher ratio of Pine Tar may be desirable to immediately achieve additional opacity/intensity of color. A second coat is recommended next season to ensure protection but maintain matte surface. (optional)


-       Apply in 60°F or warmer environment. Warmer temperatures speed dry time.


If Pine Tar and Purified Oil are cold both will be thick or appear syrupy. Ensure materials are at least room temp before application (aka think twice about storing in cold location) so it is easy to brush or wipe on. It is possible to warm carefully if workshop is cold in double boiler or set on radiator (80-90 degrees max) and apply warm to wood surface

(not hot – do not boil – do not microwave).


-       Apply thin, even coats of Pine Tar mixture with a stiff bristle brush or clean cloth. Ensure each coat is fully dry before applying the next. Two coats minimum is recommended.

It is not suggested to spray Pine Tar.


-       Brush out as needed to avoid drip marks. Let dry. Dry time is typically within 72 hrs in 60+ degree temperatures and may take longer based on various climates and/or wood type.

May chalk slightly in-between coats.

Takes a week or two to fully cure and achieve the final harder finish.


-       For some timber or when ambient temps are cooler, it may be helpful to apply the Pine Tar mixture, let soak in, and wipe off any excess sitting on the surface before end of day to avoid unevenness. (optional)


Do not use conventional boiled or raw linseed oil that is not purified as it may not dry, can go rancid, and has unnecessary solvent additives.


See great application video on the Earth+Flax Studio on YouTube:

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