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Our goal is to offer environmentally friendly, solvent-free products to maintain and restore the homes of our customers, as well as keep them and their families safe and healthy. Maintain your wood structures and surfaces with all-natural Purified Linseed Oil products. Restore old, wood windows to their former glory using time-tested Scandinavian inspired processes and materials. Choose cleaning and other products for the home that have no chemical additives and are safe, gentle, and non-toxic.

When conducting product research, we look for 3 main characteristics: simple formulations, a long history of use, and as solvent-free and petrochemical-free as possible.

These basic tenets govern how we choose the materials available at and how we measure the impact of these materials on our built environment. 

Join Earth+Flax and myself via social media today in building an online community of homeowners and professionals alike who desire better options for work, home, and life.


Please contact with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Natalie Yon-Eriksson

Company Founder

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