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The Silent Paint Remover

Super Light


Benefits of Infrared Paint Removing Technology

Top 5 Reasons for the Infrared:


- Safer operating temperature than heat gun.

   Tool heats to 400-500, only heating the       painted surface to approximately 300 degrees. This is in contrast to the average operating temperature of 1100 degrees for a heat gun.

   Subsequently much lower risk of fire.

   Also, does not reach the temperature in which harmful lead fumes can be released.

- Creates easy to dispose of debris.

   Unlike the fine particles created by sanding, the Superlight will create much larger paint curls for easy collection. 


   Bind painted surface first to reconstitute old, dry paint with a little Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil and even more potential dust or small particles are decreased.

- Dries out moisture in wood surfaces.

   Avoid introducing moisture into wood, especially window sashes that can become misshapen with such a technique. Instead, infrared will dry out any existing moisture, prepping the ideal surface for painting.

- Little to no sanding required.

   Avoid sanding, especially when lead paint may be present. Once heated and paint is stripped away with a sharp pull-scraper, the wood surface is relatively smooth. If necessary, hand-sand before painting. Possible to paint immediately!

- Chemical-free and solvent-free technique.

   Chemical or solvent based strippers can become absorbed into the porous wood surface, leaving a residue that can leech out over time. Avoid introducing such products in order to maintain integrity and longevity of wood material, ensure compatibility and adhesion of paints/coatings, as well as for personal health and environmental reasons.

The Silent Paint Remover system is a safer and more environmentally-friendly tool for removing and disposing of paint, especially suspected lead paint.

Infrared technology works by heating the substrate beneath the paint, effectively breaking the bond between most coatings and a wood surface. This allows for relatively easy paint removal or stripping with a sharp scraper.

The Silent Paint Remover: Super Light is only

3 lbs and a powerful option to remove paint, varnish, glue/adhesives, and old window glazing putty. The more layers of paint the better the infrared technology works.

The SH 100 Super Light is designed for hand held operation only. 

- Light weight design. 

- Exceptional heat transfer.
- Automatic overheat protection (no reset button).
- Stationary side shields.
- 1000 watt power consumption.
- Heavy duty power switch and power cord.
- Fixed mounted IR tubes.
- No carrying case or weight bar available.

Quick Tips:

Recommended to use a sharp pull-scraper with long handle for ideal leverage. 

Keep blades sharp. 

Consider working daily with several sharp blades that you can change on the same handle, allowing you to swap out for sharp blades when needed throughout your work day.

Set unit on its side occasionally to allow unit to cool off and avoid triggering the auto overheat protection.

Recommended to test if a coating responds to heat before purchasing The Silent Paint Remover. 

Chemical-free and solvent-free infrared paint removing technology.



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