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The Silent Paint Remover: Super Light

The Silent Paint Remover uses infrared technology to break the bond between most coatings and a wood surface, making it easy to remove with a sharp scraper.


The Silent Paint Remover does not heat high enough to release lead fumes, it does not scorch the wood like a heat gun can, and does not leave residue in the wood like chemical strippers. 


The Silent Paint Remover: Super Light is only three pounds and a powerful option to remove paint, varnish, glue/adhesives, and old window glazing. The more layers of paint the better the infrared technology works! No sanding required and paint immediately.  


The SH 100 Super Light is designed for hand held operation only. 


- Light weight design

- Exceptional heat transfer

- Automatic overheat protection (no reset button)

- Stationary side shields

- 1000 watt power consumption

- Heavy duty power switch and power cord

- Fixed mounted IR tubes

- No carrying case or weight bar available for this model.



ATTENTION: Always test to find out if the coating you want to remove is sensitive to heat before purchasing a Silent Paint Remover. Shellac, Epoxy, Milk Paint and other specialty paint are not sensitive to heat. Old, dry petroleum oil paint can reconstituted with Purified Raw Linseed Oil before heating and scraping. A sharper, quality pull scraper is recommended. 

The Silent Paint Remover: Super Light

SKU: SH1000
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