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Traditional Swedish

Falun Style Pigment


A time-tested paint recipe for exterior wood siding. 

Available in Falun Red and Falun Black.

Falun Pigment Recipe

3 lb bag of Falun Red or Falun Black dry pigment powder mixed as 

recommended below creates approximately 1.5 gallons of paint for 180-240 sq/ft.


Coverage depends on type and dryness of wood surface.



Mixing and application instructions included with order.

Note: Avoid generic linseed oil from the hardware store as this may lead to drying issues or mildew growth. Work with high-quality Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil with Falu Style Paint for best results.


The use of Falun and Falu paint dates back hundreds of years in Scandinavia. It is easy to use and a very economical, long-lasting protective coating applied to bare or weathered wood surfaces.


It is ideal for exterior rough and smooth cut wood surfaces, especially barns, cottage style architecture, and outbuildings. Designed for use on new timber and/or wood previously painted with a Swedish Falun Style Paint, it is a very durable paint with impressive UV protection. The Traditional Falun Style Paint is safe to use, safe for the environment, and easy to maintain over time. It does not peel, crack, trap moisture or cause wood rot.


Never use with a conventional, chemically treated linseed oil or paint over alkyd, acrylic, or other petrochemical based coatings. These products are not compatible.

Swedish Falu Style Paint, sometimes referred to as "Falu Rodfarg," has been traditionally used since the 1500s in Scandinavia. It originates from and is a by-product of various copper mines. The most well-known being the Falun mine in the Dalarna region of Sweden. This type of paint has a unique composition of naturally occurring oxides, zinc, and other minerals, which is mined, milled, roasted, and ground to a fine pigment that adds protective attributes to exterior wood surfaces. The result is a paint with a beautiful, matte finish and a translucent surface that reflects sunlight. On clear evenings, the color becomes intense and almost glows. 


The beautiful red color has been especially popular for timber structures, initially meant to imitate brick buildings. It has been used on mansions, cabins, and barn/outbuildings alike over the generations. It is still associated with the idyllic country cottage throughout Scandinavia.

See the Traditional Swedish Falun Style Handbook (available to view or for download below) for mixing instructions, application suggestions, maintenance, and more.

For application on previously painted surfaces or for a comparable option available in Linseed Oil Paint for a semi-gloss finish, consider Ottosson Falu Red Linseed Oil Paint.


Pre-restoration of old, neglected barn complex.


Post-restoration of barn complex using Falu Red. 


Traditional Paint

Can Do Modern

Falun Black Pigment


Download Traditional Swedish Falun Style Handbook:         

Or view on smart phone and other devices here.

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