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About Linseed Oil Paint

Linseed Oil Paint has been a tradition in Scandinavia and parts of Europe for 500 years. Created with a cleaned, quality Linseed Oil and real, natural pigments, Linseed Oil Paint not only nourishes the wood substrate but also protects against moisture damage and rot. Long-lasting and with low maintenance requirements for both exterior and interior applications, Linseed Oil Paint is the best option for new and old construction, restoration projects, and historic sites all over North America. 

The growing Earth+Flax video library is an excellent resource for professionals and homeowners alike.

Don't hesitate to reach out with product or application questions and to discuss which Linseed Oil Paint brand is best for your project.

Top 5 Advantages of Linseed Oil Paint


Cost Savings: A paint job is 90% labor so using a material with low maintenance requirements, that doesn’t peel and need to be scraped in the future, and allows the wood surface to breath instead of trapping moisture that can cause rot represents for an enormous cost savings over time.


Better coverage: Linseed Oil Paint is 100% dry weight, meaning the same weight dry as in liquid form so your coverage is twice as much as a convention acrylic paint. 


Maintenance is easy: Clean with a non-petrochemical cleaner and oil with Purified Linseed Oil in the years to come or a thin maintenance coat of paint if so desired. No peeling with Linseed Oil Paint as it does not create a barrier like acrylic based paints and other modern coatings. As it ages, Linseed Oil Paint simply becomes matte and requires reapplication of Purified Linseed Oil to return the original intensity of the color or pigment.


No barrier and high penetration: Materials sink into the wood instead of sitting on the surface like a plastic bag trapping moisture. Wood needs natural oil not water. Feed the wood with natural purified oil and get a much longer life out of the wood and superior weather protection.


Healthier to work with: No solvents are in the paint or used during application and clean-up. After to use with no harmful VOCs and safer for the environment.

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