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Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil: 32 oz Glass Bottle

Purified in the traditional method passed down from generation to generation in Scandinavia, the Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil is a spectacular wood preservative.

It is a beautiful pale, drying linseed oil with a small moecular structure for ideal penetration. Made from food-grade flax oil from North Dakota, it is degummed/heated in Upstate New York. It includes no synthetic driers or other additives.


Now available in new 32 oz reusable, glass bottle.


It can be used as a base coat to nourish dry wood and extend the coverage of Ottosson or Viking Linseed Oil Paint, as well as, create a custom Linseed Oil Stain. It can be used to rejuvenate painted or unpainted wood siding, shingles, decks, porches, fences, boats, furniture, etc. and can even be applied to clean metal to prevent rust, such as under-coating for cars. It can also be used to reconstitute old paint before using The Silent Paint Remover. 


Coverage 550-650 sq ft per gal. 

Dry time  is approximately 48 hrs in 60 degree or warmer temps and with good air circulation.


Apply room temperature or warmer with a cloth or brush. Apply reatively thin, even coats. Clean-up with Linseed Oil Soap (solvent-free).


Made in the USA - Purified in Upstate New York.

Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil: 32 oz Glass Bottle

SKU: 92020
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