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Viking Natural Purified Linseed Oil Wax: 16 oz

Viking Purified Linseed Oil Wax is a combination of Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil, made from 100% natural, food-grade flax oil and beeswax. This product was inspired by a traditional recipe for carpentry or woodworkers wax and creates a velvety, protective, moisture-beading matte finish on unfinished, varnished, and painted wood.


This food-safe wax has no petrochemical additives and excellent for cutting-boards, carved spoons and sculpture, furniture and cabinetry, interior trim, flooring, and other woodworking projects.


While developed for wood surfaces, especially ideal for bare wood so the wax can penetrate into and nourish the wood substrate, it also protects metal, ceramic, tile, rubber, and plastic materials.


Finish and color will vary between wood type, so it is recommended to first make a test sample to ensure desired end result.


Made in the USA.

Viking Natural Purified Linseed Oil Wax: 16 oz

SKU: 920316

    Ensure a clean, dry surface.


    If needed, clean surfaces with Linseed Oil Soap (avoid solvents or petrochemical cleaners), rinse and let dry fully.


    Apply and rub in a thin coat of wax with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth/rag/pad.


    Allow wax to soak in and then wipe or buff off any excess before end of day.


    If applied too thickly, surface can become sticky.


    Use Linseed Oil Soap to remove any residual stickiness and to clean-up.


    Can be hand or machine buffed.


    Finish will vary between wood type so it is recommended to make a test sample to ensure desired end result.

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