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Dark Pine Tar Sample: 32 oz Glass Bottle

Authentic Dark Pine Tar, often referred to as Stockholm tar is a pure, natural wood preservative manufactured in Sweden. Pine tar was used on viking ships and ancient Scandinavian churches that still stand today. It was and still is, prized for its ability to create a water repellent surface on wood and rope, as well as for its antiseptic and insect repelling properties.


Dark Pine Tar is an excellent substitute for pressure treated wood and even preserves wood when underground. Provides fantastic UV protection for wood in damp, humid climates, as well as dry locations or direct sunlight. Applications include, fence posts, fencing, decks, siding, shingles, split roofs, boat hulls, raised garden beds, etc.


A 100% natural product. It is suggested to thin with Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil - no solvents needed! Mix 50/50 and apply warm as it will soak deep into the wood for superior, long-lasting results. 


Not recommended for interior applications as it does have a unique scent. 


Do not apply on skin.

Dark Pine Tar Sample: 32 oz Glass Bottle

SKU: 601032
  • Application Instructions for Authentic (Light, Dark, Black, Red, and Brown) Pine Tar:


    • Ensure wood surface is clean and dry. Pine Tar is only appropriate for bare wood surfaces. If previous coating exists, it must be scrubbed off using a nonpetrochemical cleaner/detergent or removed, preferably with infrared heat. Do not use chemical strippers on a porous wood surface.


    • For roughcut, kiln-dried, and other very dry timber apply Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil for exceptional moisture protection and to extend Pine Tar coverage. See Viking Purified Oil Application Steps for best practices.


    • Mix Authentic Pine Tar with Viking Purified Linseed Oil. No solvents are needed! 50/50 mixture is suggested but ratio can be changed based on personal preference to achieve a darker or lighter finish. Suggested to do a test first to determine preference.


    • Apply in 60°F or warmer environment. Warmer temperatures speed dry time.


    If Pine Tar and Purified Oil are cold both will be thick or appear syrupy. Ensure materials are at least room temp before application (aka think twice about storing in cold location) so it is easy to brush or wipe on. It is possible to warm carefully if workshop is cold in double boiler or set on radiator and apply warm to wood surface (not hot – do not boil – do not microwave).


    • Apply Pine Tar mixture, typically 2 thin, even coats with stiff bristle brush or clean cloth. Ensure each coat is fully dry before applying the next. Not suggested to spray Pine Tar.


    • Brush out as needed to avoid drip marks. Let dry. Dry time is typically within 72 hrs in warm temperatures and may take longer based on various climates and/or wood type. Will take a week or two to fully cure. 



    Do not use conventional boiled or raw linseed oil that is not purified as it may not dry, can go rancid, and has unnecessary solvent additives.



    For questions, please contact

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