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Authentic Black-Brown Pine Tar

Authentic Pine Tar, often referred to as Stockholm tar is a pure, natural wood preservative manufactured in Sweden. Pine tar was used on viking ships and ancient Scandinavian churches that still stand today. It was and still is, prized for its ability to create a water repellent vapor barrier on wood and rope, as well as for its antiseptic and insect repelling properties.


Black Pine Tar is a very traditional Swedish surface treatment for wooden buildings and boats. It is currently the most trendy of the pine tar options as it has been featured in many recent design blogs and magazines for both new and old construction.


Provides fantastic UV protection for wood in damp, humid climates, as well as dry locations or direct sunlight. Applications include, fence posts, fencing, decks, siding, shingles, split roofs, boat hulls, raised garden beds, etc.


It is suggested to thin with Viking Purified Raw Linseed Oil - no solvents needed! Mix 50/50 and apply warm as it will soak deep into the wood for superior, long-lasting results. 


Not recommended for interior applications as it does have a unique scent. 


Do not apply on skin.

Authentic Black-Brown Pine Tar