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Pro Window Restoration Kit w/ Ottosson White Linseed Oil Paint

This 11-piece Pro Window Restoration Kit is excellent for homeowners or professionals alike looking to get an in-depth introduction to working with Linseed Oil Products for wood window restoration.

The selection of materials and tools are the result of 20+ years of product research and importing from Europe, as many item are difficult to source in North America.


Experiment and hone your skills to become a craftsperson adapt in the natural, linseed oil based products and processes.


Kit includes:


1 Liter of Ottosson Titanium Zinc White Linseed Oil Paint (interior and exterior)


1 Quart of Ottosson Boiled Linseed Oil


32 oz Viking Purified Linseed Oil


11 lb tub of DANA Linseed Oil Putty (Window Glazing Compound)


1 oz of Shellac Flakes


Allback Linoljefärg Round Sash and Trim Brush: Small


Anza Flexible Glazing Knife w/Oval and Sharp Edge


European Glazing Hammer


European Cooper Glazing Pins: 5 copper rods with 20 pins each.


1/2 oz Glazing Push Points


1 Quart Ottosson Linseed Oil Soap




Helpful step-by-step PDF on Swedish Windowcraft methods also included.

Pro Window Restoration Kit w/ Ottosson White Linseed Oil Paint

SKU: LFV-TZ-1kitpro
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