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Pine Tar Vitriol: New England Grey Treatment

Pine Tar Vitriol creates a lovely, breathable gray or silver finish overtime on bare, new wood siding or wood previously painted with Pine Tar Vitriol or Iron Vitriol.


Designed for exterior applications, it has wood preservative qualities like the other Pine Tar options but should primarily be seen as a treatment to achieve a stylish gray color.


Increasingly popular in the USA, it has been a favorite in Scandinavia for rustic timber structures, as well as modern architecture since the rising popularity of this type of color and finish among Scandinavian architects and designers. Excellent for spruce, pine, and other pale wood types. 


No an immediate stain - surface will gray or silver over the course of several seasons.


- Mix Pine Tar Vitriol well.

- Wood should be clean and dry before application.

- Apply straight out of the can with no additives to bare wood with stiff bristle brush.

- Application should be in 60 degree or warmer temperatures, ideally on a sunny day for best penetration/dry time. Typical dry time is 48-72 hrs.

- Two coats suggested. Second coat can be applied next year.


Natural variation of finish from the wood patterning and the positioning of the structure in its environment should be expected.


The addition of Purified Linseed Oil to the mixture will change the grey color and the aging process of the wood, usually darkening the finish considerably. 


This product includes a percentage of Gum Turpentine – a natural solvent found in nature. Use with care.


For exterior projects only.

Pine Tar Vitriol: New England Grey Treatment

SKU: 90473
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