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Linseed Oil Interior Wood Filler: 100gr/3.5oz Sample

Environmentally friendly and easy to use, Rubinol is a linseed oil wood filler for interior wood surfaces (interior only).


Excellent for repairing surface imperfections and damage: small knots, holes, cracks, etc. for interior wood flooring, trim, furniture, windows and doors.


Apply with a putty knife, let dry, and hand sand if needed.


Avoid frost.

Store inside.


Once opened, shelf life is approximately 1 year.

Store can in a sealed bag to prevent air exposure. 


Contains no solvents.

Linseed Oil Interior Wood Filler: 100gr/3.5oz Sample

SKU: R-100
  • - Make sure the area is free from dust and dirt.


    - Apply with a flexible putty knife.


    - Immediately remove all excess filler from the surrounding area with putty kife or damp cloth.


    - Can be sanded once dry.


    Dry time is approximately 30 mins.


    Tools should be cleaned with water.


    Keep out of reach of children.


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