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Leaf Green Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint: 1 Liter

Leaf Green Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint: 1 Liter

SKU: LFG-blad-1
  • [Painting with Standard Exterior/Interior Linseed Oil Paint]


    New timber, sawn or planed wooden surfaces. Semi-gloss finish.


    • Ensure wood is clean and dry.
    • Mix the “primer paint” as follows: 30% paint to 70% purified linseed oil (Exterior use Raw and Interior use Boiled). Let soak into dry, porous wood surface and let dry.
    • Apply undiluted paint (mix well) in even coats with stiff bristle brush. Two coats are recommended as there is exponential protection in each additional coat. Let dry between each coat. Dry time depends on ambient temperature and climate.
    • Apply in 60°F or warmer environment. Cold weather increases dry time.
    • Ensure there is air circulation/good ventilation for best dry time.


    [Painting with Standard Exterior/Interior Linseed Oil Paint]


    Older timber. Previously painted wood with Linseed oil paint or other paints/stains.


    If an acrylic or petrochemical coating is failing and Linseed Oil Paint is used on top, it will work well but the old failing paint will likely continue to fail overtime, taking the Linseed Oil Paint with it. This is considered more of a stop-gap or short-term solution.


    • Remove as much of former coatings as possible. Remove loose paint chips and dust. Clean if necessary. An effective trick is to scrub surface with Linseed Oil Soap or a non-petrochemical cleaner and a stainless-steel scrub pad. Do not power wash – introduces too much moisture into the porous wood surface.
    • Rinse and let dry.
    • Apply Linseed Oil Paint as directed above. The “primer” coat may be unnecessary on some surfaces.


    Dampen and dispose of linseed oil soaked rags to avoid a fire hazard.

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