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Le Tonkinois Heavy-Duty Parquet Linseed Oil Varnish: 2 Liter

Le Tonkinois Heavy-Duty Parquet Linseed Oil Varnish is a very hard finish and designed for high traffic interior floors.


Considered best for commercial applications, such gym floors, store or restaurant floors, etc.

Not necessary for residentual applications.


Apply onto clean, dry bare wood floors only.


Do not add or mix anything to the Heavy-Duty Parquet.

Do not apply on top of the other Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish options - these are too soft to apply the Parquet on top  of.


Interior only.


Not appropriate for exterior applications.


Le Tonkinois Heavy-Duty Parquet Linseed Oil Varnish: 2 Liter

SKU: 0125
  • Remove previous coating or varnish, preferrably with an infrared paint remover.


    Clean bare wood surfaces if needed with a petrochemical-free liquid soap like Linseed Oil Soap.


    Scrub to remove dirt build-up, rinse and wipe down well to remove soap residue, and let dry fully before the application of the Parquet.

    Ensure as dust free a environment as possib.e


    Apply 3 or more even coats of Parquet Linseed Oil Varnish to build-up the surface protection.


    Wear gloves and mask during application. 

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