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Flat Interior White Cellulose-based Paint by Leinos. 2.5 Liter

The Leinos interior paint is a flat/matte, breathable, water-based emulsion paint.


Color: White

NCS: S 0500-Y


Applications: Interior walls and ceilings.


Can be applied on wallpaper, previously painted walls, drywall, pH neutral plaster, interior concrete  walls, plywood, masonite, OSB, untreated wood, etc.

(not recommended for on top of acrylic or other plastic-based coatings)



Flat Interior White Cellulose-based Paint by Leinos. 2.5 Liter

  • Stir well before each use.


    Work to achieve as dust/grease free a surface as possible before application.

    Best to remove any substances that can bleed through, such as glues, adhesives, some dyes, etc.

    Glossy surfaces should be scuffed-up before application or removed.

    Brush, spray, or roll onto a clean, dry surface.

    Two coats are usually necessary.

    Will increase in opacity as it dries.

    A shellac primer can be used on very absorbent/porous surfaces for better coverage. Example: new drywall.

    Typically dry to the touch within a few hours in 65+ degree temperatures, with good air circulation, and normal humidity. Completely dry and ready for additional coats typically within 24-48 hours. Ventilate well and wear a respirator when spraying.

    Must be dry to the touch between coats.


    Clean hands and brushes with Linseed Oil Soap.


    Gently clean painted walls if needed in the future with diluted Linseed Oil Soap or a non-petrochemical liquid soap.


    Do not freeze. Keep away from children.

    Dispose of responsibly

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