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Color Consultation

Are you interested in matching a color? Have our color specialist take a look and offer you the closest in-stock paint color available or create a simple recipe (i.e. 2 Copenhagen Green to 1 Iron Oxide Black) for you to mix at home or with your painter/contractor.


The differences between the chemical dyes used in modern petrochemical formulations and real, natural pigments in Linseed Oil Paint mean an exact match is not always possible to achieve. 


For existing painted surfaces, plastic paint significantly fades so you will want to indicate if there is  desire to match what the original color may have been or the current faded color.


A physical sample will be required for our color specialist to work off of. Please be aware your first step to this process will be sending in a color swatch, card, chip, etc. to a supplied address provided upon time of purchase.


Timeframe is approximately 1-2 weeks upon paint swatch delivery.


Don't hesitate to reach out with questions:


Color Consultation

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