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Linseed Oil Glazing Putty: 1.5 lb Tube.

Linseed Oil Glazing Putty. 1.5 lb Tube.


Fits Standard Gun.



- Adheres well to glass

- Can be painted immediately with Linseed Oil Paint

- Very UV resistant

- Basic maintenance in the years to come.


Paint immediately with Linseed Oil Paint -– do not let skin over.


Not recommended to use with modern acrylic/latex paints or other petrochemical coatings.


Linseed Oil Glazing Putty: 1.5 lb Tube.

  • This is a ready to use Linseed Oil Putty.

    No mixing required.

    Paint with Linseed Oil Paint right away – do not let skin over. Linseed Oil Putty and Linseed Oil Paint must cure at the same time to adhere well to glass and wood surfaces.


    Clean the glazing grove, apply a thick coat of shellac. Let dry and back bed the glass with this Linseed Oil Putty. Carefully set the glass into the putty. Install the glazing pins to hold the glass in place.


    Finish by glazing with Linseed Oil Putty, smooth out with putty kife and paint with the Linseed Oil Paint right away. Apply relatively thin, even coats. Let dry completely between coats. Paint 1/8-1/16 onto the glass to create a proper seal.

  • Maintain in the same way as the Linseed Oil Paint. Apply a coat of Purified Raw Linseed Oil as needed or a coat of Linseed Oil Paint.


    Ensure a clean, dry surface and wipe on a relatively thin, even coat of Purified Raw Linseed Oil or Linseed Oil Paint whenever the surface begins to look very dry.

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