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Gall Spot Remover Bar Soap

Effective, eco-friendly stain removal formula created in a convenient 100 gr bar. 100% biodegradable, enzyme-free, GM free, with no coloring or preservatives. Gall Spot Remover Bar Soap is recommended for grass, blood, chocolate, oil, ink and citrus stains. Use with care but suitable for delicate fabrics.


A Vegan Certified stain remover gel available too!


Certified by ECOCERT.

Gall Spot Remover Bar Soap

SKU: 0074
  • Apply to stain and work in with water. Rinse or put in washing machine. Repeat process for very tough stains. It is recommended to check colorfastness of fabrics before use.

  • INCI:

    sodium soap
    fel tauri powder
    sodium cloride
    citric acid


    Not a Vegan product.


    pH value: 10.0 – 10.5

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